A change would do you good

Too many changes to cope with lately, a change of house, a change of PC, and a change of Job. Who knows, there might be a change of parliament too.

Political parties is poised to change as well, especially UMNO. Whatever it maybe, since 8th of March, we have witnessed a lot of ‘fresh’ situation where it is impossible to be seen if status quo is maintained. Yeah, i guess Sheryl Crow is right, a change would do us some good.

No, I’m not referring to this . Yes it is well known that our police is bias and do little work. Yes it is well known that we as rakyat never bother what the police do and only report to the police for the sake of reporting. But really, something has to be change there if we want to have a sane policing system in the country.

And for some individual, some changes would see a change in how people look at them as well. It would be good if the changes could bring benefits for all. (To quote the mystical phrase, ‘The Greater Good’), but sometimes it would be hard to change people’s perspective on you once radical action is taken. Oh well, not that all Malaysian is not used to surprises.

Yes, there’s some craps, there’s some hurrahs, and even some swearing and clowning, but it’s an exciting time ahead, no?


With cream and 2 sugars!

Found this hilarious video on youtube today…. hope it will lightened up your day 😉

It’s official… but it’s not BR

Due to a sudden slump in mood and a handful of overworked fingers, i haven’t log in to this blog ever since the election day.. haha. Excuses. Just being plain lazy….

Anyway, the political scene in Malaysia is getting exciting and the plot is even thicker than those you would get from the TVB dramas. Forget about Wah Lai Toi, the hit channel for the day is Malaysiakini ok.

Opposition forms Pakatan Rakyat
Apr 1, 08 1:53pm

Top leaders of opposition parties – multiracial PKR, pre-dominantly Chinese DAP and Islamic-based PAS – today announced that they have agreed to form a new coalition called Pakatan Rakyat or People’s Alliance.

At a joint press conference this morning, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim said the leaders will now take the proposal back to their respective parties for approval.

Anwar, who was flanked by DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang and PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang, said that the People’s Alliance will hold its maiden conference after the proposal has been endorsed by all three parties.
Also present was the new parliamentary opposition leader, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, who is PKR president and Anwar’s wife.

“Pakatan Rakyat pledges to uphold the rights and interests of all Malaysians as enshrined in the Constitution,” said Anwar.

He said the governments of Kelantan, Kedah, Penang, Perak and Selangor would now be known as Pakatan Rakyat state governments.

– Malaysiakini

So it’s not the Barisan Rakyat as it’d been endorsed around the election time. But i don’t think the people will mind your collision name as long as you deliver what you’d promised.

And it seems like there are more roller coaster ride in store for us the ordinary rakyat in the months ahead. So buckle your seat belts mate, cause Kansas, is going bye bye.


Football fans in the world would know, and most have watch and witness, the magic created by Maradona in the world cup match against England, where he score a brilliant solo goal by going pass few defenders and round the goal keeper before slotting the ball home. Well, lucky for us the later generation fans, Messi, another Argentinian, re-created the magic for us to feast on.

There’re many video clips on the net that hails the compilation of his goals, but for me both video below best attributes his greatness.

Hail! Hail!

The other side of the story

If it so happened that you are chinese and your constituency consist of a MCA candidate and a PAS candidate, and it so happened that all the news and propaganda on the main stream newspapers convinced you that selecting PAS will give you an ISLAMIC state and nothing else, perhaps for the benefits of the doubt, you could read some of the hidden events, black-out from the newspaper for some reason perhaps, as linked below:

(Pro-government Islamic groups demanding stronger role for Islam ahead of polls in Malaysia) and here (PEMBELA declaration & press statement ).

and a good read from malaysia-today here.

Tech Marriage

Getting married usually means spending big, but if you think that your expenses toppled the world, wait til you see this.

$44.6 billion of fees are gonna involve. The bridegroom name is Microsoft, and the bride’s name is Yahoo!. If the marriage goes through, be prepare for changes in your web browsing experience…

Apparently our big brother, Google had become so dominant that these 2 fellas need to join forces to counter it. Well it is undeniable that google’s services are nice to use. The search is fast and accurate, the gmail’s easy to use and flexible, hell, it even got an web office pack suite. No wonder the analyst is having a moody day just because google sneazed.

On the other hand, it seems like this year really is a good year for marriage (as how the chinese place it). Not long ago we just witness Sun getting married with MySQL.

Who’s next?


It is not easy to have people, not just 2, but in hundreds of thousands, to start calling you king. Federer did just that in tennis, and many more are joining the crowd as if there’s a new cult is beginning to formalized.

Having 12 Grand Slam titles under his belt, it is his mesmerizing shots and unbelievable returns that awed the audience. If a statistical study is being carried out, i think that the court that would produced the most ‘Oh My God’ whims would be during Federer’s match.

Anyway, he’s a human down the road, and it is proved that he too, can be beaten if you worked hard enough like Djorkovic did. Still, the joy and passion of watching his match would not subside easily. And here’s the video with all the evidence…