A change would do you good

Too many changes to cope with lately, a change of house, a change of PC, and a change of Job. Who knows, there might be a change of parliament too.

Political parties is poised to change as well, especially UMNO. Whatever it maybe, since 8th of March, we have witnessed a lot of ‘fresh’ situation where it is impossible to be seen if status quo is maintained. Yeah, i guess Sheryl Crow is right, a change would do us some good.

No, I’m not referring to this . Yes it is well known that our police is bias and do little work. Yes it is well known that we as rakyat never bother what the police do and only report to the police for the sake of reporting. But really, something has to be change there if we want to have a sane policing system in the country.

And for some individual, some changes would see a change in how people look at them as well. It would be good if the changes could bring benefits for all. (To quote the mystical phrase, ‘The Greater Good’), but sometimes it would be hard to change people’s perspective on you once radical action is taken. Oh well, not that all Malaysian is not used to surprises.

Yes, there’s some craps, there’s some hurrahs, and even some swearing and clowning, but it’s an exciting time ahead, no?


1 Response to “A change would do you good”

  1. 1 zc June 7, 2008 at 12:48 am

    yeah right. change is the only constant. Remind me to register the next time we watch CL together.

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